Kongsi Link

KongsiLink is a Digital Business Card Maker where users can create their own digital card and WhatsApp store to attract customers.
FEATURES : SAAS based website, VCard, WhatsApp Store
PLATFORM : Laravel PHP Ready Made
BUDGET : RM 6500

Project Overwiew

Kongsi Linkis a digital business card maker & WhatsApp store script. Made with Laravel PHP. In this modern world, we’re moving to the latest trends and technologies. By the way of reducing papers. We moved to the digital business card / digital card. It’s really new concept and helps us to transform to digitalization. The major aspects are, that these cards will be updatable at any time and anywhere, Very easy to share, Compatible with all modern browsers, QR enabled and more and more.

In this COVID situation. all businesses are going to transform digitalization. So, Let’s move to modern technology. Start using digital cards.