Azzam Reezky Group
Human Development and Entrepreneurship

  • With a passion for helping communities and individuals and the spirit of “Menjadi Mata Air”.
  • We've worked tirelessly to help people and businesses in becoming more marketable.
  • Azzam Reezky Group also known as AR Group was established in 24 Jun 2019.
  • In 2020, we call our students & clients as ARtizens! We support our ARtizens advancing themselves & community surrounding them.
Azzam Reezky Group is a company that provides Creative, Digital, Multimedia & Edutainment services. We want to create a transformative Education hub that can give awareness and pure value in terms of revenue generation.

In Assisting Each Individual's Marketing Journey Learn essential ICT, Multimedia, Website, Human Skills & LIVE Infomercial knowledge related in improving ourselves. Next, choose our solution package if you have insufficient time. So, you can have plenty of time to do other beneficial action items.